This index provides a glossary of statistical tools/activities that are addressed by the case studies and lists those case studies that address each tool or activity to a greater or lesser extent. Case studies are referred to by their abbreviations, e.g. CS1 = Case study 1. By clicking CS1, for example, the home page of Case Study 1 is opened. Those terms preceded by + contain subdirectories of further terms.

Analytical methods
    Consultation                             CS8
Data handling
Data types
Experimental designs
    Exploring data patterns   CS1 CS3 CS4 CS7 CS9 CS11 CS14 CS16
Exploratory methods
    Population estimation     CS12
    Protocol writing            CS5  CS13
    Questionnaire design     CS1 CS11
Reporting methods
    Research strategy         CS1 CS5 CS6 CS10 CS11 CS14 CS16
Scientific topics
Statistical entities
Study types