University of Reading Statistical Services Centre

General Overview

  1. Statistical Guidelines for Natural Resources Projects
  2. Guides on Planning

  3. Concepts Underlying The Design of Experiments
  4. Some Basic Ideas of Sampling
  5. Guidelines for Planning Effective Surveys
  6. On-Farm Trials - Some Biometric Guidelines
  7. One Animal per Farm
  8. Guides on Data Management

  9. Data Management Guidelines for Experimental Projects
  10. Excel for Statistics: Tips and Warnings
  11. Disciplined Use of Spreadsheet Packages for Data Entry
  12. The Role of a Database Package in Managing Research Data
  13. Project Data Archiving - Lessons from a Case Study
  14. Competent Data Management - a key component. Part I - Elements of a Good Data Entry System
  15. Competent Data Management - a key component. Part II - Illustrating the data entry application using CS-Pro
  16. Guides on Analysis

  17. Confidence and Significance: Key Concepts of Inferential Statistics
  18. The Statistical Background to ANOVA
  19. Modern Approaches to the Analysis of Experimental Data
  20. Approaches to the Analysis of Survey Data
  21. Modern Methods of Analysis
  22. Mixed Models and Multilevel Data Structures in Agriculture
  23. Guides on Presentation

  24. Informative Presentation of Tables, Graphs and Statistics